Self-sufficiency in the age of energy depletion

David Quilty

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May 31, 2006

I read everything on this site yesterday….and “enjoyed” every minute of it. KARAVANS is a new site that says:

“The finite hydrocarbon energy that has fueled 150 years of unprecedented global industrialization and exponential population growth now appears to be nearing exhaustion. Many of us have wondered at one point or another how our lives would be affected if the world ran out of fossil fuels. These thoughts are normally triggered by the now increasing numbers of news stories about rising fuel prices and shortages. Then they are quickly forgotten as soon as prices drop back a bit–but never all the way to the previous level.

Now there is growing concern that we have finally reached the point where the global fuel tank is nearing empty. Peak Oil, or the peak of Hubbert’s Curve, appears to have arrived. Peak Oil does not mean that we run out of oil over night. Rather it means that we have entered a phase where demand will begin to outstrip supply over the long term. This will have an impact on everything in our lives.”

Not GLOOM AND DOOM…just rational discussions on the coming age of Peak Oil and how we all will be forced to change the way we live. CHECK IT OUT