Think Progress: Chevron Bankrolling Opposition to California Clean Energy Initiative

June 23, 2006

Where am I supposed to buy gasoline?

From ThinkProgress:

On Sunday, Chevron CEO David O’Reilly appeared on Meet the Press and emphasized the importance of promoting alternatives to fossil fuels. Most of our companies are involved in this. I know we are.Shell CEO John Hofmeister agreed: There’s so much we can do in this country on the alternatives of wind, solar, biofuels, hydrogen.

Chevron has a strange way of getting involved.

Californians will vote this November on a landmark ballot initiative, called the Clean Alternative Energy Initiative, which would impose a wellhead tax on oil companies operating in California to finance $4 billion towards alternative-fuel vehicles and renewable energy and conservation research.

The #1 donor to the group opposing the clean energy initiative: Chevron, which has given a whopping $3,740,000, more than three times the amount of the next 14 donors combined.

Source: Think Progress � Chevron Bankrolling Opposition to California Clean Energy Initiative

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