Postive Environmental News On The Radio-Good Dirt Radio.

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March 5, 2007

So, you are tired of all the bad news on the radio, right? Tired of hearing ads for big trucks, the war in Iraq, and pouring bleach on children? Cannot get enough news about being green and eco-friendly? Well, you might want to check out a new online radio service called Good Dirt Radio.

So far this year, they have had stories on Biodiesel From Algae and Green Cemeteries, and they have upcoming stories planned on Carbon Offsets, EarthForce and Fair Trade. You can listen through your radio if you happen to live in some places in Colorado or Utah, or you can listen online at some of the stations or get their podcasts through iTunes.

Since most of the stuff on the radio now is just advertising, I try to listen to my iTunes library or online satellite radio that does not have any commercials. But Good Dirt Radio seems to be another source for green and environmental news. Be sure to check it out, it seems pretty interesting so far!

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