San Francisco To Ban Plastic Grocery Bags?

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March 9, 2007

Oh one can hope that someplace in this plastic bag loving country a city can step up and do what is right… even when people start complaining about putting their red peppers and their carrots in some other carrying device. Plastic bags are terrible for the environment, not not only in how they are made but also in what they do to the environment long after they leave the store. But now it seems that San Francisco might become the first U.S. city to ban plastic bags at big grocery stores, something I would welcome to happen here. Los Angeles doesn’t even have recycling bins for a lot of it’s apartment dwellers (glad I live where I do, in our own city), never mind considering getting rid of plastic bags. But maybe San Francisco will be an inspiration. They are considering the total ban after city leaders “accused several large grocery chains of reneging on a 2005 agreement to reduce plastic bag use as an alternative to a 17-cent per bag tax.”

Now that is called politics! Go get ’em Gavin!

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