Top Ten Cities For Green Utility Companies.

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April 11, 2007

Is your city on the list? Probably not, as most cities barely even bother with this kind of stuff, which is a shame. But the organization Informed Building has assembled a list of the top 10 green utility companies in the nation, and it is definitely worth a peek to see where your city stands.

Living in Los Angeles, surely the hotbed of sustainability (not), I did not expect to find us on this list. And sure enough, we were not there. It seems like the Pacific Northwest has a big lead on everyone in terms of the amount of cities that are greening themselves, but Austin, Texas came in at number 1. The entire list?

1 Austin Energy
2 Portland General Electricb
3 Florida Power & Light
4 PacifiCorpcd
5 Xcel Energyef
6 Basin Electric Power Cooperative
7 Sacramento Municipal Utility District
8 National Gridghi
9 OG&E Electric Services
10 Puget Sound Energy

Texas, of all places….go figure. But I know Austin is a real green city and prides itself on its sustainability. Even This Old House is remodeling a house there this season with green building materials. I was hoping to find Taos on the list, as we loved it so much, but alas, it was not. I guess it is kind of small right now to invest in green utilities. But still…I was hoping.

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