Spring Cleaning 101 – The Natural Way To Remove Mold.

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April 16, 2007

Since I am guessing that everyone reading this site probably has a bathtub or shower, I am also going to assume that you have had one point had mold in your bathroom. You know the stuff; that disgusting black gook that seems to grow bigger every time you go to take a bath. Well instead of running out and buying a $.99 cent bottle of bleach and dumping it on the mold, there is a safer way to remove the mold without giving yourself a headache, chest pains or even worse.

You can use Borax and white vinegar to make a spray that you can aim directly at the mold in the tub or shower. Once you spray it , leave it to sit for 30-60 minutes and then go back in and wipe it off. Presto, the mold will start coming off and you did not have to inhale toxic chemicals to do so. Just mix about 2 ounces of Borax and a cup of white vinegar and you are ready to go.

As a back up and a maintenance tip, you can also periodically spray the moldy “areas” with straight vinegar and just let it sit there and soak in. The vinegar will kill the mold that might be growing and it will halt the growth of new mold.

Is it as effective as bleach? Probably not. Bleach kills mold dead on contact and removes it immediately. But personally I would rather not use a substance that is so incredibly bad for me and my family and take the time to remove the mold, however long it takes. Bleach is bad for you, bad for your house and bad for the environment after it leaves your house. A few extra minutes to work out the mold in the bathroom with natural products is worth it!