How To Encourage Your Local Grocer To Carry Fair Trade Goods.

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September 26, 2007

As a quick follow-up to my post yesterday about shopping ethically, I wanted to mention a campaign that is going on over at Co-op America. The campaign has ways for you to encourage your local grocery store to carry more fair trade goods from farmers and artisans. Here is what you can do in brief, and you can also go to the site and download the “ADOPT-A-SUPERMARKET Campaign Guide”:

1. Adopt-a-Supermarket for at Least One Year. To increase your impact and fund, form an Adoption Team with your school, workplace, faith congregation, or community group. Use our campaign guide to help you get started. Download now.

2. Make Regular Store Visits. With your team, go on a regular basis to speak to the store manager and ask for an increase in Fair Trade product availability. Plus, each and every time you shop, you can fill out customer comment cards and ask for more Fair Trade products.

3. Get Your Community Involved. Host a petition drive. Hold educational events. Make it fun and reach out to all sectors of your community.