Town In Tennessee Survives On Three Hours Of Water A Day.

November 8, 2007

Could your town do this? I can only imagine the riots here in Los Angeles if this was implemented…although, it should be since we live in a desert:

From CNN:

The mountain spring that supplies water to the town usually dries up at the end of summer, but just for a few days. This year it dried up early, on August 1, and hasn’t revived, leaving the town’s 145 residents high and dry and relying on water trucked in from the next state. Every day at 6 p.m., Orme Mayor Tony Reames turns a big valve to release water from the town’s tank. When he turns the crank again at 9 p.m., taps in the town run dry. “When they cut it back on we jump for joy,” Orme resident Debbie Cash said. “And then you only have it for three hours.” Three hours to do all the laundry, bathing, dishwashing and animal watering that has to be done.

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Comments (0)

  1. Lisa C. Bishop says:

    so what. 3 hours without water?? Some villages in Iraq haven’t had water in months thanks to indiscriminate bombings by US and coaltion forces!

  2. david says:

    3 hours WITH water a day, not without.