Good Human Tip Of The Week – Use Microfiber Cloths!

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December 15, 2007

Thanks to a gift from my mother-in-law, we rarely use paper towels in the house anymore. While we had rags and dishtowels around to do some of the work, once we got our hands on microfiber cloths we haven’t looked back! In fact, my wife just picked up a few more the other day – now we have one for drying dishes, one for use on the kitchen counters, one for the bathroom – all to be used in place of paper towels! The only time we use paper now is if there is a big spill in the house somewhere, as the microfiber cloths actually work much better on small spills, cleaning, wiping down, etc. So if you are still using paper towels for everything, pick up a microfiber cloth and give it a try – they really do work rather well!



  1. We haven’t bought paper towels in quite some time. Rags for everything, even big spills (old towels).

    Thank you for info on microfiber towels. I’ll be buying these today.

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