Buy Organic Roses For Valentine’s Day And 5% Goes To The Charity Of Your Choice.

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January 24, 2008

You are going to spend the money anyway, right? So why not give your Valentine organic, pesticide free roses while at the same time giving 5% of the purchase price to the charity of your choice? You can choose from charities such as PETA, National Wildlife Federation, and Co-op America. Organic Style says that by purchasing organic roses from them, consumers can:

– Protect your loved ones from the harmful chemicals used to grow non-organic/non-veriflora flowers
– Support the organic flower industry (encouraging farmers to use better practices when growing – protecting and providing farm workers with a safer environment and livable wages)
– Support a cause you believe in – we have over 40 to choose from.

People spend billions on roses for Valentine’s Day; and it would be so nice if people would buy organic roses that also raise money for charity. Pretty good idea guys!


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