Recycle Your Old Cell Phone For Terrapass Credit.

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March 18, 2008

Got an old cell phone laying around the house? Cannot find a place to donate it? Well, RIPMobile wants it – and is willing to give you credit towards a Terrapass carbon offset for it! Although I am normally one to promote donating used cell phones to places like battered women’s shelters where they program them all to dial 911, Terrapass and RIPMobile present a good opportunity as well:

By recycling your phone you help to protect local water and food supplies from toxins, while making industry less dependent on destructive new mining for metals. You are also getting functional phones into the hands of people in the developing world who need them. Reselling a used cell phone is far more energy efficient than manufacturing a new one. And when you purchase a TerraPass with the proceeds you are fighting climate change to boot! All materials accepted by RIPMobile and not sold for refurbishment or reuse are recycled according to the highest environmental standards.

To see how much your old phone is worth, check out RIPMobile/Terrapass site.


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