Here Sits Our Composter Doing Its Only Job.

David Quilty

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September 4, 2008

Several readers had emailed to ask about which composter we had bought for our backyard, so I figured I would take a few shots of it to show it off. The one we got is the Envirocycle and so far, it seems to be doing its job pretty well:

I put it up on a few bricks for a few reasons – One, to make it easier to get the compost tea out of the spicket on the front. Two, to keep a few bugs away…at least that’s what the directions told me to do. I don’t know how well it does that, as I see a lot of them.

Anyway, we are happy about keeping all of our food scraps out of the garbage, which has reduced the amount of stuff in our waste stream by a significant amount, never mind making our trash smell better!


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