Bottled Water Sales Seem To Be Drying Up…Finally.

David Quilty

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September 10, 2008

Reader Anne sent me a link to this article over at Brandweek that says the following:

The market for bottled water may be drying up. Despite massive discounting, brands like Aquafina and Poland Spring are experiencing a sales drought unlike any the category has ever seen. After almost a decade of triple and then double-digit growth, sales volume grew less than 1% for the first half of the year, per Beverage Digest, Bedford Hills, N.Y.

Mark DiMassimo, co-founder of, which promotes drinking tap water, said a cultural shift has occurred: “Instead of being a badge for health and status, bottled water has now become a badge for environmental wastefulness. And, cost sensitivity is coming up fast. It’s caught in the same storm as Starbucks is. It felt good to be a little extravagant a few years ago. Now, it doesn’t feel good to waste money. [Especially considering that] being charged for water is like being charged for gravity.”

This is great news and I hope the decline in bottled water sales continues. Thanks Anne for sending that along!