Bottled Water Sales Seem To Be Drying Up…Finally.

Reader Anne sent me a link to this article over at Brandweek that says the following:

The market for bottled water may be drying up. Despite massive discounting, brands like Aquafina and Poland Spring are experiencing a sales drought unlike any the category has ever seen. After almost a decade of triple and then double-digit growth, sales volume grew less than 1% for the first half of the year, per Beverage Digest, Bedford Hills, N.Y.

Mark DiMassimo, co-founder of, which promotes drinking tap water, said a cultural shift has occurred: “Instead of being a badge for health and status, bottled water has now become a badge for environmental wastefulness. And, cost sensitivity is coming up fast. It’s caught in the same storm as Starbucks is. It felt good to be a little extravagant a few years ago. Now, it doesn’t feel good to waste money. [Especially considering that] being charged for water is like being charged for gravity.”

This is great news and I hope the decline in bottled water sales continues. Thanks Anne for sending that along!

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  1. Well, I’m not sure how much I believe that. When we were working at the resort in Lake City, almost every family in every cabin was drinking bottled water all day long. Whenever we collected the trash, there were tons of empty plastic bottles. It was nauseating, and ironic, considering that the water coming out of the tap there was pristine.

    I think maybe where eco-conscious dwellers tend to live there is a mentality shift happening, but as far as places like Lubbock TX or Enid OK, forget it, they’re still buying ’em up, sad to say.

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