Do One Thing: Buy Your Music In Digital Format.


October 14, 2008

This week’s Do One Thing is about buying your music in digital format if possible. Sure, everyone likes having that new CD along with the booklet to look through, but once that initial excitement wears off, the CD and booklet go on the shelf and the plastic wrapping goes into the landfill. But how about buying your music online in digital format? I buy as much of my music as possible through iTunes, store it on my iPod, and then hook that up either to my home stereo or in my car to listen to every song I own. To the untrained ear, the digitally compressed music sounds exactly the same as on a CD, and there is absolutely zero shipping costs or waste from the packaging. I press a few buttons, my credit card is charged, and the music shows up on my computer. No fuss, No Muss. If you can do it, I suggest giving it a shot!


  1. Mantis, there are ways around it if it concerns you for stuff from iTunes. But Amazon, emusic, etc, are good sources for some DRM-free music.

  2. It’s all about DRM. Amazon is great, iTunes not so much. As soon as Apple figures out that people aren’t going to accept their DRM, adoption of digital music downloading will skyrocket.

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