Supporting Local Farmers – Buying Fresh Eggs From A Co-worker.

David Quilty

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October 29, 2008

Last week, my wife came home with a carton of eggs. No biggie, right? Well, she didn’t get them from the grocery store, but rather a co-worker of hers that has 12 chickens at home. She sells the eggs to everyone at work for $3 a dozen, and her chickens produce an egg a day – meaning she has a dozen new eggs to sell or eat every day! She even reuses the cartons when her customers are done with their eggs. All year long we will now be able to buy fresh, organic eggs anytime we want without having to worry about where they came from or whether the chickens were pumped with growth hormones. Her chickens live cage-free and only eat organic feed, and you can definitely see and taste the difference in the eggs – they not only have much more flavor than factory farm eggs, but they are different sizes and much more yellow when cooked up.

Eggs so Fresh
photo credit: Jack Brodus

You know you live in the country when a woman you work with can sell you eggs that her chickens laid yesterday out in her backyard! Most anything you want to eat can be found locally here (we got some salad lettuce a few weeks ago from another coworker), and we are slowly figuring who to get what from. It certainly is a pretty fun adventure, and not only does the food taste better but we feel good knowing we are supporting all of our local farmers as well.