Reader Question – What Can I Do With All My Empty CD Cases?

David Quilty

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December 11, 2008

*Update – For those of you living in the Los Angeles area, a friend emailed me to say that the City of Burbank recycling center takes CD jewel boxes. Not many do, so if you live around there take them in!

I received a question from a reader the other day asking what she could do with those plastic CD cases that seem to clutter up our houses. A while back I put all our music in those big CD books with sleeves (to conserve space), leaving me with piles of empty cases and nothing to do with them. Turns out that there are people who need them for various purposes, as evidenced by the fact that as soon as I listed them on, I had a lot of responses and they were gone within an hour or so. This kept them out of the landfill or the recycling center and gave them a new lease on life. But what can you do with the empty cases if you don’t have a Freecycle or Craiglist group near you? I went searching for an answer and came up with some very creative uses for them!

What kinds of things could you do with old CD jewel cases? Have you used them for anything around the house? If you have tips or ideas to share, please let us know in the comments!


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