Video – The Reality Of So-Called “Clean Coal”.

December 31, 2008

From the Reality Coalition, who are debunking the myth of “clean coal”. The video is pretty funny, and sadly true. Coal companies are spending huge sums of money marketing coal as “clean” rather than actually making it so. But the truth is in America, burning coal for electricity emits more global warming pollution than all our cars and trucks combined.

Take a look at the video and help pass it on:

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Comments (2)

  1. Matt SF says:

    Haha! Nice find!

    For some reason, the adage “you can polish a piece of crap all you want… it’s still a piece of crap” comes to mind when I hear about clean coal.

  2. JohnLucee says:

    Coal companies are spending more money to clean “coal”.But the reality is burning coal emits more global warming..So,where their spending money will be?..