Greenwash Of The Week: Carbon-Neutral Bottled Water.

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August 5, 2009

This week’s Greenwash involves one of my favorite subjects – bottled water. Airtran, the budget airline, is now serving Icelandic Glacial in recycled plastic bottles that has been certified “Carbon Neutral”; by the bottler itself. While it seems that Icelandic Glacial has taken some steps to green up their product, using geothermal and hydroelectric power to fuel production, I find it hard to fathom that a product being brought up from deep underground (even with clean energy), bottled in single-use plastics, and shipped all over the world from Iceland, could possibly be called or certified “carbon-neutral”. With over 1 billion plastic water bottles winding up in the trash each year in California alone, there really isn’t anything carbon neutral about bottled water. Thus, they earn the coveted Greenwash of the Week!


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