Greenwash Of The Week: Green Private Jets.

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November 18, 2009

Uh….yeaaaa. Not buying it. There is absolutely no such thing as an eco-friendly private jet that is meant to fly the filthy rich, by themselves, around the globe at 30,000 feet and 300 miles per hour. Mind you, the jets themselves are not green – rather, the companies that operate them are offering their clients a way to buy their way out of any guilt with carbon offsets that typically cost only 1% of the expense of the flight…a dollar amount that a private jet client would hardly notice. From The Guardian in the UK:

Other private jet companies are joining the green push. But most are simply offering their customers off-the-shelf ways to buy their way to a green image through offsets. So you can “eliminate your carbon footprint” with Chief Executive Air, which says:

“Enjoy the comfort and convenience of flying private and work with us to promote a cleaner environment by sponsoring a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Fly Chief Executive Air for personalized private flight that’s GREEN.”

If you are interested in carbon emissions, these numbers are scary. An hour’s flight on a private jet will emit more carbon dioxide than most Africans do in a whole year.

In my book, this is only slightly worse than environmentalists flying around the country to attend green events or openings. Slightly.



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