Greenwash Of The Week: Chevron’s Solar Project Bulls#%t!

David Quilty

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April 14, 2010

This week’s Greenwash of the Week comes to you from the Rainforest Action Network, who runs their own greenwash series as well. This week the hosts Nick and Brianna investigate the recent solar announcement by oil giant Chevron, dubbed “Project Brightfield – Is it Project Brightfield or Project Bulls#%t?

Sponsored by Change Chevron, this Greenwash of the Week shows how the energy produced from “Project Brightfield” goes directly to power Chevron’s Kern River Heavy Oil Extraction Facility. Meaning it is one of the most expensive, polluting, and energy intensive type of oil extraction out there. And, Chevron’s operations there have gifted the residents of Bakersfield with some of the highest air pollution rates in the country.