Photos Of The Latest Oil Spill Off Gulf Coast – Drill Baby Drill.

April 27, 2010

This picture was taken from space by NASA, and it is of the latest oil slick spreading out and heading towards the coast of Louisiana. The oil is from the exploded and sunken Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, and while officials are trying everything to get the spill under control, the oil is still coming up from the bottom of the ocean floor at the rate of 42,000 gallons of oil per day – with no stoppage in sight.

So very, very glad that Obama wants more offshore drilling – which won’t amount to anything other than disaster.

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Comments (5)

  1. I know this is a very dark comment but…

    I hope we don’t destroy ourselves in our futile fight to maintain status quo. If humanity could just figure out that we can’t keep up this crazy pace we might have a change.

  2. M'lou Arnett says:

    Explosion in a coal mine. Explosion at an oil rig. Tragedies will always happen and eco-disasters will be a fact of life but shouldn’t these give us pause and make us think about better ways to live our lives and reduce the odds of these tragedies and work to reduce our impact on our precious planet?

  3. Chase says:

    Durn burn it! We need fewer cars and more nuclear plants. Fortunately Obama has done some work to advance the latter.

  4. wally jackson says:

    sadly, there is newer, far better technology available, but the well established, well educated oil companies and world governments do not want to entertain the possibility that they may not have the best already, we just need a high ranking polotician or oil exec toaccept the possibilty, future disasters will happen, be sure of that. are we going to continue living in denial after all the spills there has been, none of which were ever cleaned more than 10 to 20%. oil industry boasts of a 10% recovery being good. we offer 80 to 90% as a minimum, but we are the idiots.

  5. wally jackson says:

    new technology is available, that doesn’t rely on moving parts such as skimmers and conveyor belts. this technology is not severly hampered by mere 6 to 10 foot waves, wind or rain, but sadly, industry and poloticians have all the answers for this and other disasters. sad when thier reputation for having the best overshadows the possibility that there may be something better out there, that can actually help in such matters. we, the general public need to wake up, and in turn, wake up industry and government.