Buying Checks Made From Recycled Paper

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October 25, 2011

Still buying and using paper checks from your bank? There is a better way! While some banks provide checks and checkbooks for free, most of them charge a small fortune for a book of checks. Luckily, there are plenty of companies offering checks at discounted rates far below whatever your bank is charging you, and there are even a bunch of them offering checks made from post-consumer recycled paper — perfect for us environmentalists who still need to write a check once in a while! Besides, who needs checks made from freshly cut-down trees? I wrote a post about this a few years ago, but here is an updated list of some companies offering recycled paper checks for you to check out:

Although I recommend that if you need to buy checks that you buy ones made from recycled paper, I also suggest you look into managing and paying all or most of your bills online. It eliminates paper altogether, saves you money on checks and postage, and results in less trash in need of disposal or recycling. Check and see if your bank offers online bill pay for free, and if they don’t consider changing banks; there are plenty of them that do!



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