The Top 10 Food Documentaries You Can’t Afford to Miss


April 17, 2012
food documentaries

UPDATE – 5 more documentaries added to the list at the bottom. Thanks for the suggestions!

Did you know that 90% of the food Americans buy is processed?

Even the fast food you personally don’t eat matters; have you ever heard anyone you love say “I’m not hurting anyone else, its my own choice to eat what I like” or “Life is short, I’ll eat what I want”? The problem is that what they are choosing to eat jeopardizes not only their health but the health of the planet and everyone else. In fact everything we put in our mouth is a choice – a choice to either support planetary health or a choice to participate in its exploitation and destruction. Every bite you take is either nutrient rich and good for your body or toxic and damaging to your body.

So this is a list of the Top 10 food documentaries, some of which will be familiar to many of you. If you haven’t yet really committed to change, any one of these films will inspire you to begin making healthier choices for yourself and thus your planet.

1. Forks Over Knives
A documentary about two doctors serious about turning poor health around by banishing meat and dairy and how a vegetable and whole grain diet can prevent cancer and diabetes. A very nutritionally-informative documentary that will put anyone not feeling up to par back the right track. Watch the trailer here or watch for free at Hulu.

2. Fresh
This must-see movie is unique in that it is gives very empowering ideas for how to live better and it really offers solutions to the devastating yet accepted food issues in this country. Watch the trailer at the film site.

3. Food, Inc.
This very popular movie gives you the whole breakdown on the unadulterated truth about where your food comes from. Again, good for the whole family and a big eye opener for people who haven’t had any exposure to the devastating truth about how food is sourced. Watch the trailer or the movie.

4. Fast Food Nation
This energetic movie is geared toward exposing the gross truth about the fast food and meat industries in America. Might be the kick in the pants that your McDonald’s eating friends need because you just can’t look at a quarter-pounder the same way after seeing this movie. Watch the trailer here.

5. Processed People
Another really good family flick that exposes how the accepted norms of all-American eating habits will send us to an early grave. Watch the trailer here.

6. The Future of Food
This very accessible movie exposes a lot about food, most specifically genetically modified crops, the ugly politics behind them, and suggests dark consequences for the earth. Watch the trailer.

7. A Delicate Balance
This important movie is not for the casual beginner; it powerfully deals with the health risks of processed food and how that correlates to the devastation that has been inflicted on our environment. Watch the trailer at YouTube.

8. Dirt: The Movie
This is the movie that needed to be made, because usually water and air pollution get all the attention. “Dirt is the ultimate natural resource for all life on earth.” Everything we grow comes out of the dirt, and it’s the dirt that actually clean up all the messes that humanity makes – it is a fragile organic thing. This is of course a very empowering movie because it is informative about the current atrocities contributing to dirt degradation worldwide. Watch the trailer at their site.

9. King Corn
This is a real life horror story that comes out of two earnest guys making a documentary about corn. It is about American politics instituting industrial-style monocropping and how that has turned corn from a sweet nutritious vegetable into a toxic part of every living man or beast in this country. Watch the trailer right here.

10. Earth Voice Food Choice
This stunning documentary is again excellent for the family, and especially for kids in their formative years who also face the pressure from an unhealthy world of processed nutritionless food being marketed expressly to them. It explains how a mostly plant-based diet offers wonderful health, saves lives, and how it could also save the planet. Check out the preview.


Food MattersWatch the trailer

Ethos – Trailer at the website

Super Size Me – Watch the trailer on YouTube

Our Daily Bread – Trailer on the site

EatingCheck it out. And yes, we’re kinda kidding.

Want to make a big difference? Send the link to this post to all your friends so they can learn about the importance of food choices. Buy them on iTunes or rent them on Netflix. (Many are available for streaming via Netflix Watch Instantly.)




  1. Was surprised that “Super size me” Wasn’t on the list. As far as I know this was the first major film to hit our food problems…

    1. I thought so, too, but I guess we’ve at least advanced enough that no one needs convincing McD’s food is horrible. Super Size Me and the Fast Food Nation book most definitely kicked off my own personal food revolution, followed shortly by Food, Inc.

    2. Super Size Me is a diatribe against fast food and purely a bias opinion piece. While I liked the message put for in Super Size Me, it is not exactly factual. A film called “Fat Head” is another opinion based film. This day in age, we have to realize that films that call themselves a “documentary” are really docu-ganda. It is a documentary/propaganda. They are purely from a persons perspective.

      Michael Moore, another documentary film maker has stated his films are from his perspective. He said that people need to do research for themselves. That is basically what he said.

  2. If you care about food and where it comes then check this out. I am one of the finalists for TckTckTck’s Rio Blogger Prize. The winner gets to go to Rio to cover the climate talks in June. This is my article: If you like what you read then please, share, comment, like, RT, G+ and #SendAkstoRio

  3. Which one of these documentaries would be best for my 6 y/o son? He’s lately been refusing to eat his organic yogurt & telling me that he likes the yogurt they have at school better b/c it is comes in cool (bright) colors & wants me to buy that kind. I’ve explained that those colors are dyes that are not good for him, but having a hard time getting it across to him.

  4. With humor, thoughtfulness, and insight, the documentary Vegucated is a must-see for anyone considering the health, environmental, or ethical impact of his or her food choices.

  5. Very good list of food documentaries, I would add; A farm for the future, The beautiful truth, Crazy sexy cancer, Fat,sick & nearly dead, Genetically Modified food:panacea or poison?, Got the facts on milk?, Hungry for change, love MEATender, Meat the truth, Notre poison quotidian, The World According to Monsanto, Seeds of freedom, Simple raw, Supercharge me!
    But i think all of them would be boring for a 6 y/old.

  6. I just watched “the men who made us fat” a 3 part series by BBC on you tube from this year. Really indepth and informative about history of how we ate and truth about sugar and why the nations obese and the food industries profit motivated strategies that havec hanged the face of food.


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