How To Remove Yourself From The RedPlum Mailing List


November 20, 2012
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If you don’t receive a mailbox full of junk mail from RedPlum every day, you are missing out. Okay, not really – but what you are missing out on is the chance to fill up your recycling bin every few days just from their mailings. Oh, and also the chance to ask yourself daily “how can I remove myself from redplum mailing list?”

RedPlum sends out coupons and assorted other junk mail on a near constant basis, making it the number one thing that my mailman has to lug around with him all day. The “deals” inside all that paperwork aren’t anything of real value – unless you count printing up millions of tons of paper, mailing it around the country, and then recycling it all again unread – a real value. It seems that no matter what you do they get your mailing address and proceed to inundate you and your family with enough paper to keep warm with during winter.

Thankfully, you can ask to get off the list. All you have to do is go over to the Mailing Add-Remove page of their website, scroll down to the Add/Removal Form section, fill it out, and hit SUBMIT. They say it could take 5-6 weeks to become effective, so in that month and half waiting period you can expect to receive – due to my non-exact mathematically-challenged guess – about 39 more pounds of freshly cut down trees covered in useless coupons.

remove myself from redplum mailing list

Near the front of my building there is a bin for everyone to drop their paper recycling in as they pull it out of their mailboxes. 99% of the time the only thing in the bin are these circulars from Red Plum, piled high each day for the landlord to move to the back. Let’s stop the madness. If you do not read the junk mail coming to your house, do something about it to stop it; don’t let it continue to arrive only to be pushed directly into the recycling stream. You can stop RedPlum with an investment of about 48 seconds of your time. More than 100 million trees are destroyed each year to produce junk mail.

Make it happen. Click through to the Mailing Add-Remove page and rid yourself of the Red Plum circulars.

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  1. I have tried so many times to get this stopped. I live in an apartment complex where the mail-person simply puts a stack of these on the floor. They aren’t counted out for individual tenants, and the other tenants don’t want to bother with trying to get removed. Since the other tenants haven’t complained they still arrive weekly (not daily at least). I collect them and drop them in the recycling bin to keep the area cleaned up.

  2. I’ve also tried many times to unsubcribe through that link. I live in a rented townhouse, and I still get the RedPlum thing no matter what. Part of it may be that it’s often distributed in plastic bags along with other stuff, and those bags are not addressed to particular households, but just thrown in front of the door. If there is a way to make this stop that actually works, I would love to hear about it!

  3. I’ve been calling and writing letters to those idiots at Red Plum for almost 2 years. It doesn’t stop coming to my apartment. The problem, besides the massive amount of waste, is the mail man will wrap my important mail in the Red Plum junk and if I’m not extremely careful, I throw out the wrong letters.
    Red Plum is useless JUNK!!!! I hope some of the advertisers read this and choose a more effective way to advertise. RED PLUM goes right into the trash, I don’t look at it for one second.

  4. I just picked up 14 Red Plum flyers from my “Snowbird” neighbors driveway. Nothing stops Red Plum from delivering their waste- not even the other 13 un-picked up editions. There must be a way to stop them. Their little bundles are scattered all over the subdivision. I have removed the nail from my mailbox post several times trying to send a message only to find a new nail and another of those dagnabbit flyers.

  5. It’s impossible to file a request to stop their mail: after filling out the entire form, one needs to enter the “validation” letters as they appear. Despite doing it over and over — correctly (double checked by getting the letters spelled out – they refuse to accept the validation. grrrrrr!

  6. WE NEED TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL to DUMP this junk mail on people!!!
    I want to STOP getting this waste of paper mail. I see people dump it right in the garbage!! What a waste of paper! At least I dump mine right in the recycle bin!!! HOW DO WE STOP THIS?????? THEY DO NOT LISTEN!!!

  7. LIke others, I am getting this in a bulk situation where my address won’t matter as it is addressed to BOXHOLDER… and every stinking mailbox at my P.O. has the piles and piles of madness in the recycling bin. Is there someplace to report this kind of resource abuse?

  8. Name: “RESIDENT.” That, plus my address, is all Red Plum apparently knows about me yet (which is approximately twice what I would care for them to) and I have tried, like many of your readers, to disengage from this parasitic “Bed Bugs via Post Office” since I moved here one year ago. I have tried calling and leaving messages (which invariably are taken by a machine and never responded to) as well as attempting three time to use their web page (from which I receive no further response once I have entered my information and re-typed their mystery squiggle for the day), left an uncountable number of messages—typed or hand-written—for my own postal carrier, and most exasperating, had at least five personal confrontations with the mulish mail deliverer himself, all to NO AVAIL! I’ve just collected mail for December 24 and am still picking out xmas cards and other rational items from amongst the pages of this accursed and useless tree-murderer before it performs its next task of entirely filling my wastebasket to the top! Thanks for the link; I’ve tried it before. My plan, after the beginning of the new year, is to call the Valassis Corporate Offices to settle this once and for all, or at least to use all the chutzpah I’ve absorbed or can muster from any and all sources, to lay waste to some of their valuable time and resources, just as they do to mine, each time one of their abhorrent “slot-crammers” is stuffed through my door. This is WAR, people! We don’t have to take this! If anyone has pertinent, workable, creative, effective, inspired, brutal, legal, et al., thoughts for laying waste to this little “Waste for a Living” sub-division of one of the numerous multi-national corporate behemoths which control our daily lives in every possible way, it will be a start. I’m hoping Mr. Quilty will be so kind as to leave this conversation open, as I do not presently have a website to receive your ideas. Happy New Year everyone!

  9. Red Plum adds are all over the place In Middletown Ohio,
    We can not stop them, Call the City, they don’t care

  10. I manage a apt building in Hollywood. We were constantly getting these and not one tenant was taking them and got tired of trashing them. I called the phone company for Red Plum and was told the tenant needed to sign them to be removed. I told them there is not even a name on the address just says resident. I forged all names on them and returned them to compnay. it stoped for a few years now but has just started up again so need to repeat the process.. Bastards!!!!

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