Cooling Your House Without Electricity

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Long time readers may remember when I wrote about two different ways you could heat your home or garage without using electricity. There was the heater made from soda cans and an old window and these solar heaters that were installed on the sunny side of my house, both of which worked really well providing heat without using electricity. But with winter (slowly) coming to an end, what can be done about cooling your home down without electricity come the hot summer months? One designer has come up with a solution which uses just a little cold water and no electricity at all, unlike conventional very-expensive-to-run air conditioners which most people use. From Yanko Design:

The design we’re speaking of here is ECOoler, a sort of tile system that connects via water hose nozzles, creating a grid of essentially natural coolers that work by evaporating water. The aesthetics are brought to the project by one of the two traditional Middle-Eastern reference points used in this project: the Mashrabiya, an architectural element that acts as mediator between the inside and the outside. This takes the form of a clay or cement brick that allows air to travel in whilst continuing to keep all manner of uninvited guests out. In the ECOoler, the Mashrabiya is molded and made into a tube system that takes another important cue from a Middle-Eastern tradition: the Jara.

By using just some cold water and natural evaporation you could cool the interior of your home using no electricity at all. Talk about saving on those expensive utility bills all summer long! Granted, these probably couldn’t be used on giant McMansions that so many deem necessary to live in, but for those of us with reasonably-sized homes, RVs, trailers, cabins, or even earthships, something like this ECOoler could be incredibly useful. Let’s hope the designers get this on the market and for sale so we can test it out. In the meantime, here are some useful tips for lowering your cooling costs at home this summer. It’s never too early to get ready!

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