10 Easy Ways To Make Your Own Stylish Clothes & Update Your Closet

“I don’t have anything to wear!” The chorus rings out from (mainly) women standing before their closet’s across the western world.

It is a first world problem for sure, standing in front of racks full of clothes with zero inspiration – yet we also know that the fast-fashion industry is causing massive global issues and who has money to waste on buying even more than we already do?

So today, we are going to look at how we can create our own stylish clothes at home – and even better, how to fall back in love with some of our forgotten clothes that may just need a facelift!

1. Starting From Scratch

Making your own clothes and accessories may sound like a very daunting task, but it can actually be pretty easy once you know how.

Let’s start with a few sewing tips for newbies before you dive in.

  • Learn to ‘read’ sewing patterns. They are not as obvious as you think they will be, so head over to your grannies, or ask the nice lady in the haberdashery. You need to learn the lingo before you get your hands on the needles.
  • Study tutorials until you can take no more! Youtube is full of helpful videos, and there are countless step by step instructions and free patterns available online – just check out this link for more than 500 ideas – including maternity, kids and even purses.
  • Invest in great quality fabric and thread.
  • Wash the fabric before you sew – how upsetting would it be if it all shrunk after you spend hours sewing your new dress?
  • Take breaks while you sew – this kind of creativity can really take it out of you, so be patient with yourself and always double check your measurements.

Never Underestimate What One Piece Of fabric Can Do

Before you read on, go and have a look at this…..

Fabric can be a magician as you can see with this Bina. You can create 12 drop dead gorgeous looks with just one piece of fabric. You can do this easily yourself, the secret to this is that the fabric should be lightweight and also a type of stretch material. You need to ensure that your fabric is 4 times your hip width, sewing a hem is optional. Then sew press-studs on every corner and you are good to go. You can create anything from a cardigan to a scarf or even a blouse. Just think about how light you will be able to pack!

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