10 Soul-Freeing Ways You Can Unchain Your Intuition

1. Know the Symptoms

If your intuition is trying speak to you but you’re ignoring it, you may notice symptoms of this in your life. Depression, anxiety, illness…they might all be subtle ways that your intuition is trying to say, “Listen to me!”

Similarly, less obvious but nonetheless painful feelings can also be symptomatic of being shut off to your inner voice. Do you feel lost or adrift, stuck in the same place, uncertain of which path to follow…all of these feelings can be subtle prompts to turn inwards.

Of course, discomfort might also not be your intuition trying to gain a voice. But, if you’ve exhausted all other potential causes of your own uneasiness, it’s something to consider.

2. Foster a Willingness to Listen

The journey towards a life-giving relationship with your intuition, as with any journey, begins with intention. The great American poet Mary Oliver describes intuition as a “silky” part of ourselves that is above all other things cautious. It will only enter into a relationship with those who are serious about it.

You need to keep up your part of the bargain. Whilst a willingness to listen is the most important ingredient, you also need to foster habits and routines (like the ones in this article) that create space for that voice to make itself heard. Once you mark your commitment in this way, that silky, mysterious inner sense of the world will start to show itself more often.

It’s also important to accept that you may be scared of properly listening – scared of the deep revelations that are intuition may wish to bring to you. Acknowledging this can be an important step towards forwards. It’s difficult to accept that deeply-held beliefs and convictions may be wrong, but it’s important that you accept the possibility.

3. Start to Journal

You will likely have experienced, at some point in your life, a “flash of understanding”, an ineffable feeling that you “just know” something is right. Sometimes this is how intuition manifests itself. Very often, however, these flashes of insight can go unnoticed.

Starting a journal may help to uncover them. You may, for instance, have taken a walk in the park and been struck by the beauty of the sunlight through the leaves of the trees or the sound of the wind in the grass, only to forget about these experiences soon after.

Through writing about them, you can draw attention to feelings that you might not have noticed before. Past experiences can take on new meaning, and you might just realize that the universe was trying to speak to you.

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