10 Soul-Freeing Ways You Can Unchain Your Intuition

4. Accept the “Hidden Language”

Paulo Coelho, who insightfully said that “we…must be prepared to have patience in difficult times and to know that the Universe is conspiring in our favor even though we may not understand how”, spoke about the time he realized that he wasn’t the centre of the world, that life was going on around him and that he could be a part of it beyond his own self-centred concerns. That by paying attention he could discern the “hidden meaning” that was able to act as a guide on his own path.

Once you accept this same fact – that life carries on according to its own rules, but that by paying attention you can glean meaning from it, you begin to learn how to, “read the book of the world” as the medieval monks used to put it. The world goes on, but there’s a place for you in it. Pay attention, and you will begin to see patterns and opportunities that were previously closed to you.

Albert Einstein said that intuition was a “feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of things.” In a sense, this quote illustrates the point above. Intuition is the ability to see our own place in the hidden order of the world, and from it the insight to carve a path.

5. Create Space…Then Wait

As has already been mentioned, society tends to value the rational “voice” above the intuitive one. The problem is that, because the reasoning mind is louder and more present, it’s easy for it to drown out the less strident voice of intuition.

In order for your intuition to manifest, it needs space. It needs periods of quiet where it won’t be hushed.

There’s a tendency to rush towards a desired outcome. To say, “how can I hear my intuition right now?” In reality, you have to trust that it will come as long as you are fostering quiet and a space for it to arise.

6. Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways of “stilling” your mind, of quieting the effervescent river of thoughts that drowns out your subtle inner voice. The beautiful thing is that the qualities you develop whilst sitting on your meditation cushion will ripple out into your everyday life. Calm and centeredness will become the norm, rather than the exception. When this happens, intuitive insight will start to arise of its own volition, unhindered by the clash and clamour of all that mental noise.

Starting a meditation practice needn’t be complicated or difficult. Ten or fifteen minutes a day is long enough to see some tremendous benefits.

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