10 Soul-Freeing Ways You Can Unchain Your Intuition

7. Make Time for Play

Play is one of the most underrated activities in today’s world. “Playing” is one of the easiest ways to loosen the grip of stress and worry. Doing this will, much like meditation, free up mental space for intuition to fill.

8. Fill Your Life With Wisdom

One of the hallmarks of modern culture is the tendency to disregard wisdom of the past. There’s a retinue of wise voices travelling down to us from decades and centuries gone by. If we choose to listen to them and adopt their wisdom when it rings true, our whole approach to life can change. Very often, it’s through not being present to new ideas and outlooks that we start to stagnate.

Read books about great journeys, poetry by the masters, philosophy from the ancient philosophers. There’s a great deal of wisdom to be found in all of these places and it will shape and cultivate your intuition in ways that aren’t always obvious.

9. Give Time to Creativity

Artistic endeavours are highly intuitive. The act of writing poetry or painting a picture, for instance, calls on that part of your brain that is non-rational. In many ways, intuition is like a muscle. It gets stronger the more that you use it.

Interestingly, art is also one of the easiest ways to directly call on your intuition when you’re struggling with something. You might surprise yourself at the insight hidden in something that you’ve created.

10. Tune Into Your Body

Intuition usually manifests itself through emotional and physical feelings. If you’re not able to recognize these because you’re not in tune with your body, then you’ll struggle to “hear” the voice of your intuition. There are many exercises, like yoga, that can develop a stronger sense of the moods and changes of your body.

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