10 Ways you Might be Unknowingly Poisoning Your Self-Esteem

Your level of self-esteem affects your life in more ways than you think. The lurking inhabitants of your subconscious mind, the beliefs about what kind of person you are, subtly dictate everything from the kind of risks you take to the relationships you pursue.

I don’t mean to paint a bleak picture, of course. Self-esteem, despite the fact that we often use the word will-nilly and without any real thought, is a complex thing. It’s not set in stone, and it often fluctuates depending on situation and mood. If you think you have low-self esteem, you’ve probably got bigger reserves of talent and courage than you think.

A person’s self esteem is their subjective appraisal of themselves irrelevant of external circumstances. It’s how you think and feel about yourself generally. Do you feel that you’re a worthy person? A good person? Or do you feel the opposite.

The good thing is that self-esteem is pliable. You can reshape it by changing your habits and routines. So whether you’re a confident person already, or if you struggle, the tips in this post will help you develop, and keep, rock-solid, life-enhancing self-esteem.

How you Might be Sabotaging Yourself…

There are many life experiences that can instill negative beliefs. For some it begins early, with the failure to meet parental standards or rejection from a peer group. For others, it’s events in later life, like workplace bullying or constantly being victim to a stressful environment.

For many people, however, low self-esteem is partly self-inflicted. It’s not that external events don’t have deep and sometimes searing effects, they do. It’s simply that many of our routines and habits foster negative thoughts and feelings. The mind becomes an echo-chamber of negative voices, slowly eroding away at our self-worth.

So having high self-esteem is about developing habits and routines that develop and bolster the positive opinions you hold about yourself whilst eradicating those that are negative. It’s about fostering thoughts and feelings that encourage a positive self-view.

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