13 Natural Tips For Good Oral Health – Plus A Great Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

We have recently discussed the importance of choosing a non-fluoride toothpaste, but there are plenty more natural non-toxic things that we can do to keep our smiles at their best.

Here are some great tooth and mouth care tips that can be used in addition to regular brushing and flossing as part of a daily dental care routine, helping to reduce the parabens and other toxins that we are putting into our mouths!

Courtesy Oral Health Platform
Courtesy Oral Health Platform

1. Drink more!

The top of the list is drinking water. Have you noticed that this is the top of many such healthcare lists? Yet another reason to drink the good stuff is that it aids in rinsing your mouth. It is readily available to you and inexpensive, and is wonderful at removing food particles and stimulating the production of saliva. When I say water, please note that you cannot substitute juice or soda. These will do the opposite. I know you knew that, just checking!

2. 5 a day

Courtesy Oral Health Platform
Courtesy Oral Health Platform

Crunchy fruit and vegetables work in the same way as drinking water. So these are a great way to round off a meal, just like floss that you eat! So get munching an apple or some celery to sneak a mini tooth clean into your day.

3. Have a cup of tea!

Organic green tea is a great choice of beverage. It contains polyphenols which create an unfriendly environment for bacteria, reducing the development of plaque. Plus tea of the green variety won’t stain your teeth like black tea can.

4. Vitamin C

Gingivitis (gum disease) and tooth loss can be prevented by taking ascorbic acid (Vitamin C supplements) so that is something to consider. Vitamin C is important for other vital functions too, so you can kill a few birds with this stone.

5. Oil up

Courtesy Oral Health Platform
Courtesy Oral Health Platform

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice said to have huge benefits to oral health, including reduction of bad breath, whitening of teeth, reducing sensitivity and fighting bacteria. You can try this at home, simply swishing natural coconut or olive oil around your mouth for 10+ minutes. Be sure to spit out into the bin to prevent clogging pipes if using coconut oil.

6. Break the habits

Make an effort to stop two habits that are harmful to your teeth – smoking and nail biting. Not easy to break for sure – but you will be glad when you do. There will be a method that works for you out there.

7. Put a stick in it!

Chew a cinnamon stick! Yes, really! It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties. It will give you sweet breath as well as a myriad other benefits to your body on the whole.

8. Scrape when you wake!

Try using a tongue scraper or spoon to remove a layer of bacteria, fungus and dead cells from your tongue.

Courtesy Oral Health Platform
Courtesy Oral Health Platform

9. Get spicy!

Courtesy Oral Health Platform
Courtesy Oral Health Platform

Munch a small handful of cloves, aniseeds or fennel seeds. These work as an antiseptic and can help to fight halitosis. Cloves can also help to alleviate toothache.




10. Citrus burst

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Try chewing a piece of orange, lemon or lime rind (wash thoroughly first). Ooo this will wake your mouth up and freshen your breath. Your saliva glands will be stimulated too!



11. Herbal remedy

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Munch a sprig of fresh basil, mint, parsley or cilantro. They are bursting with chlorophyll which will keep your breath smelling sweet.

12. Hold your nose!

Aloe vera gel is also said to be healthy for the gums and can be applied topically in small quantities but it tastes seriously bitter!

13. Make your own toothpaste!

You will need:

  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp baking soda
  • 25 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 1 packet stevia (optional)
  • 2 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional)

Mash the coconut oil and baking soda together in a bowl until blended. Add the peppermint essential oil and other ingredients if you are using those. Continue to stir until your mixture resembles toothpaste. Grab your brush and get stuck in!

Please share your own natural oral-care tips and tricks. If you try the toothpaste recipe it would be great to hear your experience. Smile!

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