4 Green Nonprofits that are Making a Difference

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As the fight to protect our environment escalates, it’s clear that our planet needs all the help it can get, and some of the most amazing support comes from today’s green nonprofit organizations. The following four organizations are just a few of the many remarkable groups around the globe committed to preserving the environment and providing schools and communities with ways that they, too, can contribute.


Originally launched on Earth Day in April 2007, Wiser.org (also known as WiserEarth) connects nonprofits, people and businesses around the world who are committed to a more just and sustainable planet. Through its free online community space, Wiser.org supports thousands of users as they work toward indigenous rights, environmental stewardship and social justice.

Wiser.org acts as an instrumental tool in facilitating alliances, sharing knowledge and collaborating efficiently. The site includes resources such as: a global community of users, over 3,000 forum groups, schedules of local face-to-face gatherings, issue area taxonomy, event listing, solutions and resources databases, a job board and an organizational and non-profit directory. The website also offers links and information on how to volunteer and get involved in its work.

Environmental Volunteers

Founded in 1972, this organization’s mission is to promote responsibility for, and understanding of, the environment through experiential and hands-on sciences education. Based in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties (California), volunteers are trained to teach natural science to school children through nature walks, field trips, classroom lessons and day camps, all destined to encourage a connection with nature and inspire lifelong interest in learning and discovery.

Environmental Volunteers also works with schools to help them meet state-mandated education standards and offer a variety of resources to families and school staff. Environmental Volunteers serves approximately 12,000 annually at 60 schools in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Its 100 trained volunteers work with 350 teachers to provide exciting opportunities in all areas of science.

Oregon Environmental Council

The goal of the Oregon Environmental Council is to build and support a healthy environment for the residents of Oregon. Projects may include working to clean up rivers, lobbying to eliminate BPA in plastic bottles, building awareness about climate change or encouraging citizens to support local food growers. One of its primary purposes is to safeguard the clean environment the state is already known for by keeping its water, air, food and landscape unpolluted.

This group is committed to inspiring change on three levels: “We help individuals live green; we help business, farmers and health providers thrive with sustainable practices; and we help elected officials create practical policy.”

Tampa Baywatch

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit stewardship program is exclusively dedicated to providing the educational and scientific knowledge necessary to restoring and protecting the wetland and marine environments of Tampa Bay’s estuary. Tampa Baywatch invites students, at-risk youth, civic organizations and citizen volunteers to participate in training and become involved in its worthwhile environmental projects.

At the same time, the organization heightens community awareness about our environment’s fragile nature and the importance of preserving and protecting it. Some of Tampa Baywatch’s projects and areas of work have included: coastal cleanup, invasive plant removal, storm drain marking, monofilament cleanup and derelict crab trap removal.

These four outstanding organizations are just a few of the hundreds of green nonprofits committed to preserving our delicate environment. Each of these groups manages a comprehensive website with links and information on how to volunteer and get involved. Get involved to help protect the future of our planet.

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