5 Extreme Ways to Conserve Energy

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Energy conservation is important for families who want to live as green a lifestyle as possible, but many are already covering the basics and want to do more. If this is you, the good news is that there are many strange and somewhat extreme ways to conserve energy.

Hanging on to Expired Food Products

The fuller your fridge is, the less energy you’ll use keeping it cold. Taking this to the extreme, you could theoretically improve the energy efficiency of your fridge by refusing to clean it out. After all, it doesn’t matter whether the food in the fridge is still edible, as long as it’s taking up space. On the flip side, simply shopping in bulk and keeping your kitchen well-stocked will have the same effect minus the gross factor.

Freeze Your Jeans

Many people wear their jeans for an extra day, but if you want to get really serious about saving energy, you could take Levi’s advice and not wash your jeans at all. They suggest tossing them in the freezer to keep them clean and to save water. You can always squeeze extra wears out of your clothing. If you’re inclined to extreme measures but don’t want to smell, you could also consider simply doing your laundry by hand – you’ll smell better and still be green. (MadeWell has an interesting post about this very topic. – Ed.)

freeze jeans

Composting Your Pet Waste

You’re likely well aware of the environmental and energy saving benefits of composting—but did you know you can compost the stuff that comes out of Fido? While herbivores like rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs produce excellent material for composting, dogs and cats require their very own setup. You’ll get high quality compost for your garden and conserve plenty of energy.

Unplug All Electricity at Night

You may know all about turning off electronics, but you probably leave at least some items plugged in. Unplug your clocks, lamps, cable box, and anything else that uses electricity for the night for an extreme take on this philosophy. After all, if you use the alarm on your cell phone, you really don’t need a bedside clock anyway. Charging your cell, then, is an exception to this extremist rule. You can also save electricity with less effort by getting more information about the power companies in your area. You can then choose a greener provider. (Nearly everything in my house is on power strips and I walk around turning them all off before bed each night. – Ed.)

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