5 Tips for Landing a Green Gig

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Looking for a green job? I know – it’s hard to find any job in this economy. But don’t lose heart. Believe it or not, what I see happening out there is that job seekers who are looking for a specific type of job in a specific niche are more likely to find something – and when they find it, it’s more likely to be something that they are happy with in the long term. Job searchers who are desperately looking for a job, any job, unfortunately, are the least likely to find it – and when they do find work, it often ends up being the soul-searing mind-numbing work that nobody else wants. So, chin up – stick to your values and put your heart into your job search. If that means that you are going to hold out for a green job, then I say, more power to you – and here are some insights you may want to keep in mind:

1. Now that you’ve narrowed your job search to green employment, narrow it even more

There are a lot of green jobs out there – more and more, in fact, as companies began to view greenwashing as a technique they can use to attract more applicants. Consider the following questions: how green a job do you want? Is an office recycling bin enough for you? Or do you want the company to provide an organic garden where you can work on your lunch hour? Be as detailed and specific as you can as to what you are looking for. In other words, make a list.

2. Be clear about what you have to offer a green employer.

Once you’ve made your list that encompasses your vision of what you are looking for, make another list – the one that explains what you have to offer an employer who is serious about his or her commitment to the environment. How do you show your personal commitment to the environment? Have you taken actions to reduce your own carbon footprint? Do you volunteer for a sustainable living organization? Do you have specialized education related to energy efficiency or habitat renewal? Make your list as comprehensive as you can, and refer to it when you are writing cover letters for resumes that you are sending out. Then keep your list in mind when you go out to interviews.

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