6 Simple Tactics to Help you Pursue Less

Modern life is characterised by a desire for more. We’re told from a very early age that the value is in having more material possessions, more “stuff”, than our neighbours.

Yet people are slowly realizing that, contrary to mainstream opinion, the continuous accrual of things is actually causing greater unhappiness and anxiety. It’s on this basis that many are deciding to opt for a life of less.

In his excellent article in the topic, Michael Ofei outlines six simple strategies to help you “live with less”. Here’s a brief summary…

1. Less Clothes: See if you can cut down to 20 or 30 items of clothing for the current season. We only use about 20% of our clothes 80% of the time so you won’t find yourself suddenly at a loss for clothes. You’ll likely discover that the limited choice creates less anxiety about what to wear.

2. Less Internet: The internet is hands-down one of life’s biggest sources of distraction. Try turning off your internet connection next time you’re at work. Unplug your wifi box in the evening at home.

3. Less Ingredients: Try opting for 10 or 15 whole ingredients per meal. It’ll cut down on both your shopping list and the amount you spend on groceries. You’re also less likely to waste food because you’ll know exactly what you’ve got in the cupboard.  

4. Less Gym Equipment: This is a great one. Try focusing on using body-weight exercises for building muscle and non-equipment cardio (like jogging or walking) to lose or maintain weight. What most people end up with is a garage-full of unused dumbbells.

5. Less Paperwork: It gets everywhere! Old bank statements, receipts, articles that you printed off to read but never got round to. Go paperless and don’t look back!

6. Less Commitments: This is a simple but important one. When you over-fill your schedule, you end up with less time and energy to properly complete the tasks on it. 

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