7-11 to drop Citgo after Chavez called Bush “diablo”


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7-11 Inc is getting rid of Citgo, their gasoline supplier for the past 20 years, because of Chavez calling Bush the “diablo” at the UN meeting. I know Chavez is not exactly an angel, but neither is our President, so..who is worse? I dont know.

You see, Citgo is the subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-run oil company, and 7-11 has gotten their gasoline exclusively from them for 20 years. But now, 7-11 is getting rid of them as they are worried that Americans might get their gas elsewhere because of Chavez’s statements.

I have news for them….not too many people knew that A. 7-11 uses Citgo gas or B. the gas came from Venezuela. Seriously. How many people knew that? I didnt…unless I see a big CITGO sign. But I do now!!! I have a few words of advice for 7-11…you probably shouldnt make a big deal out of something that most people dont care about, you are only hurting yourself. I understand you can get your gas from somewhere else, but no one even noticed the Chavez/Venezuela/7-11 link. Releasing this info was kind of dumb.

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  1. I agree completely..some of the things that have come out of Bush’s mouth over the last 6 years have just been so immature and childish that I still cannot believe our president said it.


  2. I heard a very sensible sounding reporter on the radio say that it’s interesting to see all the criticism people have been laying on Chavez for being “childish and clownish” at the UN, given that no one called out Bush for his clownish “Axis of Evil” speech that was equally clownish and immature.

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