8 Pieces of Spiritual Music to Instantly Lift Your Mind and Soul

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3. Nada Terma by Steve Roach

Nada Terma is a sublime album. Steve Roach, a leading light of the ambient genre, blends a variety of styles and traditions to create a truly eclectic and enriching piece of music. East Indian influences blend with Sufi percussion to construct an intentionally spiritual “soundscape”. It has been made in collaboration with another well-regarded ambient musician Byron Metcalf and the 72-minute recording, though split into individual tracks, stands as a single entity.

Steve Roach is a prolific composer with over 100 albums to his name. His unique approach is defined by the wide range of musical traditions from which he draws. His work spans everything from drone ambient to tribal folk. The focus is always to spark introspection and exploration.

4. Atmospheres by Deuter

Deuter was one of the first New Age/ambient musicians that I ever came across. The album Atmospheres is a deeply relaxing, minimalistic and other-worldly creation and I can’t urge you enough to give it a listen. As it draws you you into a very quiet space, it also uplifts and clarifies, but not in the cliched way that so much “feel good” music does these days. Moving from track to track, it is almost as though you are being led on a microcosmic spiritual journey, from the subtle joys of first discovery to the depths and richness of true fulfillment. Like I say, definitely worth an hour of your time.

Deuter was born in Germany and is best known for blending Eastern and Western styles. He is a prolific multi-instrumentalist, adept at both electronic and traditional instruments from around the world. He also lived for several years in an Ashram in India, under the guidance of the world-renowned guru Osho.

5. Sound of Healing by Joseph Feinstein

This album, by Himalayan bowl expert Joseph Feinstein, is made up of the sounds of “singing bowls”, stationary bells that are used around the world as an aid to meditation. When struck, they resonate with the “fundamental frequency.” The effect is deeply calming and other-wordly. Singing bowls are particularly popular amongst Chinese and Tibetan Buddhists.

This is probably the least “textured” of the music on this list. Rather, it is characterized by a pure, level-headed continuity that is wonderfully conducive to a meditative state of mind. It is also perfect as background music, easily fostering concentration during work.

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