8 Pieces of Spiritual Music to Instantly Lift Your Mind and Soul

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6. Enlightenment by Karunesh

Why is it that so many ambient musicians come from Germany? Karunesh is another leading ambient music producer and his album Enlightenment represents a more upbeat, but still deeply tranquil, form of “spiritual music”.

Like his contemporary Deuter, Karunesh makes use of a wide range of instruments and draws from many musical traditions right across the world. Like Deuter, he also lived in an ashram and was a student of Osho.

If you’re not looking to sit back and lose yourself in a rich mental landscape, but rather for something a little more stirring, Karunesh may be the way to go. His music is celebratory and enlivening without being over-the-top or full-on.

7. Improvisations by Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar needs no introduction. He’s India’s most recognized sitar player. Improvisations was one of his earlier albums and is also, in my opinion, one of his most serene. It’s a great introduction to his work and Indian classical music in general. There is something intrinsically evocative of spirituality and mysticism in the sounds of the sitar.

When you listen to this recording, it’s almost as though you’re in touch with all of India and it’s mystery. If you’re not keen on this particular album, but like the sound of the instrument then Shankar has a huge range of music to choose from…so don’t give up straight away!

8. Sitar Meditations by Alio Die

No list of this kind would be complete without at least some mention of Alio Die. This Italian musician has created some of the best ambient music in recent history. His rich, layered soundscapes blend spirituality and technology seamlessly.

This album in particular incorporates the sitar in a deeply relaxing, meditative way. He has also released a variety of similar-sounding albums, all of which are characterized by an organic, natural sensibility, and that have an equally soul-stirring effect.

What are your thoughts?

So there you have it! Our selection of the best spiritual music. Have we missed anything out? Forgotten about any great composers? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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