8 Things I Don’t Understand


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Please excuse me for a second, I have to get some things off my chest. Have been doing some thinking lately and instead of letting it all stay in my head and raise my blood pressure, I wanted to write it down. If you aren’t up for a good ole’ fashioned rant about a few things, I suggest you tune out and wait for the next update here. Seeing as how it will be from Amanda, it will probably be nicer and less… ranty.

So without too much additional fanfare, here are the 8 things I don’t understand as of today. I am sure I could come up with 8 more, every day, for eternity.

People who don’t recycle. If your community doesn’t do recycling, I kinda, sorta, possibly could understand. A little. But when a giant truck comes to your house once a week and will pick up a bin of your plastics and paper – for no extra charge on top of your garbage bill – then I don’t get it. Every one of your neighbors puts their blue bins out each week, yet you continue to put your beer bottles in with your trash. How little do you care about anyone other than yourself?

Not believing in climate change. 95% of scientists say humans are causing climate change, yet a large percentage of our population still denies it is happening. Why is that? If you went to the doctor and he told you that you had cancer, I understand maybe getting a second opinion. If you went and got 100 opinions, and 95 of them told you that you did, indeed, have cancer, would you not seek treatment? Or would you listen to the 5 doctors who said “Nah, you’re good. Carry on!”?

Not quitting smoking. It’s not 1955 anymore, where cigarettes and booze belonged in an office just as much as paper and pens. Smoking was good for you then, or so we thought. The doctors even told us so! But not anymore. We now know that smoking is bad for you, period. There is no “what if…” anymore. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, but don’t be so ignorant as to think you won’t one day end up with cancer, heart disease, or a hole in your throat to talk through if you do. There’s a difference between willingly ignoring the facts and just not knowing them, and there isn’t an excuse for the latter anymore.

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  1. I want you to know that I agree with you 100% on all your rants. I have a nephew who doesn’t recycle despite the bin being next to the garbage bin. When I point this out he replies that he simply doesn’t care! I find this attitude unbelievable.

    Fox news is just as biased as the others just the other extreme. No network’s news is worth following in my opinion. Thank God the internet is still uncensored or we would no absolutely nothing going on in our world today. As far as our president goes, every president for the past hundred years has had the title of antichrist prospect. I dislike the man for a multiple reasons, especially for the direction he is leading us but that doesn’t make him the anti-Christ.


    The practice of Executive Orders (EOs)is totally illegal and unconstitutional. This process allows the president to bypass congress and the other check and balances set up by our founders. They wanted to make sure our executive branch didn’t become to powerful. EOs allow the president to obtain the power our forefathers feared. If we are to keep our freedom the practice of EOs needs to be declared null and void and all previous EOs taken off the books.

    Our present elected leader (not my me) has promised to ignore the congress and pass anything and everything he wants by EOs. EOs have been in existence technically since G. Washington. They didn’t become a major threat to our freedom until the early 70’s.

    There are over two dozen that give our leader all the powers of a dictator without the title. So far the only thing that has saved our country from dictatorship has been the moral character of our elected leaders. Of the many EOs listed in the national register, the 2 that pose the biggest threat to our country in my opinion are 4074 and 11490. I have been writing about these in the comments of every subscribed site like your that I receive. I have challenged everyone who reads my comments to check out my facts and correct me if I am wrong. As far as I know no one has taken me up on checking my facts.

    Will you please examine this topic and write about it? I fear that if these are not rescinded ASAP we will lose our freedom in a blink of an eye if martial law or more is enacted during a financial or social breakdown. Once the process of taking over our freedoms start, there is no reason to think it will stop.

    Please write about this and either calm my fears or sound the warning. My attempts so far have been futile. Hopefully you will get a better response than I have so far. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    1. Sure.

      Obama has issued fewer executive orders than any President since Grover Cleveland. Period.

      So… what say you now? This President has done it less times than anyone, so isn’t that what you would want?

  2. I agree with you on all these. The bottled water one drives me crazy. It takes more water to make the bottle than it does to fill it for us. In a time of water scarcity bottled water should be banned.

    As for climate change, it’s easy to find someone who is supposedly an authority who can sway those who don’t want to accept the truth. My oldest son was one of them. He watched a program where US politicians were interviewed about climate change and said it was a hoax to get certain bills passed. He’s now done more research and believes in climate change.

    On the subject of my son, he doesn’t have recycling pickup where he lives (2 miles from me) so he and his wife bring their recyclables to my home to be collected.

    Along with organic foods is the issue of GMOs. We have an organic garden here for the residents of the apartment complex. I started a composting area for my organic wastes. One neighbor informed me she added corn cobs and husks. I asked if they were GMO free. She informed me she had no idea. We are losing our heirloom and any non GMO corn seeds the last thing I want is to have this stuff in my compost.

  3. LOLS! This was great and I shared it with some friends. Regarding the bottled/filtered water, I dont trust tap water. We have more spills on this planet than a drunk Lucielle Ball. I carry a stainlees steel water bottle with it’s own filter inside for my own health and peace of mind. Also, I don’t even watch TV anymore, it’s crapola upon crapola and my mind was suffering, so I reclaimed it! We started growing our own food since Monsanto and it’s croonies seem to be taking over the world and we shop locally and support our local farmers, that’s a no brainer. We recycle everything we possibly can and compost. We ride public transportation and do a lot of skyping versus flying. I think we’re normal.

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