A Green Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.


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Thanks everyone, the fundraiser has ended!

One of our green friends needs our help, and I am hopeful you guys can chip in. Adam Shake from Twilight Earth, Jerry James Stone (from every green site on the net – the guy is a content wizard!) and myself, David Quilty from The Good Human, have started a fund for a good friend of ours and yours – Derek Markham. Derek is the writer of Natural Papa and a contributor on several other green sites, and he is always spreading great news about sustainability, natural parenting, and “doing the right thing” on Facebook and to his 10,000+ followers on Twitter. The man has got some serious fans in you guys that love what he does online – and now he needs our help!

A few weeks ago Derek had an accident that left him with a trimalleolar fracture in the ends of his right tibia and fibula. Ouch. This accident has left him laid up at home with thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills. Derek is the breadwinner for his wife and kids, and this injury has really set them back quite a bit. So we figured that with Derek being so popular with all you guys, maybe we could all help him out a little with those bills. All we are asking for is a few bucks – the cost of a cup of coffee at your favorite local coffee shop. A few bucks, or even a single buck, from many of Derek’s online friends and fans, could go a long way towards helping him and his family pay off these mounting medical bills.

Please, if you are a fan of what Derek does on Natural Papa, on Twitter, or any other sites you see his writing on – could you spare a few bucks to help him out? All of our green friends can do wonders with the power of community, so let’s show Derek some love.

Derek, get better soon buddy!

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  1. Derek is an excellent, green father and so helpful with the eco-life tips. I contributed what I could!

    (Very good of you to do this. Almost wish I would have reached out through social media when I left the abusive ex to become a single mom again! Luckily, my family has been so helpful!)

    1. Thanks for helping, Cate! Our community really comes together in these types of situations, and we hope we can really put a dent in Derek’s bills!

  2. Awesome that you put this up. Derek is a great good green gent, and I’m ashamed I didn’t really know about this until he himself mentioned to me the other day on twitter. We’ll blog and tweet and facebook this, let’s help this man!

    Another helpful thing to do would be to post the code to embed the paypal button, I did this recently for a friend with breast cancer, and we (together with her blog, and facebook) raised 25K in the first month.



  3. What a great idea David!

    This act of kindness and concern has made me think about the bigger picture of helping and community. As our govt becomes more controlled by corporations and focused on the wealthiest, it seems that this is going to be the way that we end up earning money and obtaining health insurance – through each other, our friends and neighbors and by bartering.

  4. Thank you, Dave, for doing this, and thank you to all of you who have been Tweeting, Facebooking (?), and sharing this today!

    It feels good to know that we have community wherever we are, whether virtual or real life. Cheers!

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