A High-Autonomy Lifestyle is More Feasible Than You Think

When Jordan Bates, of Refine the Mind, shared the following meme on his Facebook account, it received more likes and shares than any other piece of content he had ever posted.


The reason for its popularity is simple: more and more people are longing for a life that isn’t defined by busyness and structure but rather by spontaneity, play and freedom. And whilst many view this goal as unattainable, it might be in closer reach than you think. A life without “bosses, commutes, schedules and alarm clocks” is perfectly achievable as long as you’re willing to make a few sacrifices.

Here are three ways to consider:

1. Become self-reliant and buy a “tiny home”: Why not buy a small patch of land, build a tiny home and grow your own food? Alternatively, you could buy an inexpensive small dwelling. Failing that, there is the option of a repurposed van or boat, an option that many people (surprisingly) opt for.

The intention is to stop paying rent. When you only have your essentials to think about, you can get by with much less money than you would otherwise need.

2. Start an online business or become a freelancer: One of the easiest ways of earning money on your own terms is through freelancing. It couples itself especially well with travel in Asian or South American countries where the cost of living is comparatively cheaper.

Yet another alternative is to start an online business. As Jordan points out, there is a steep initial learning curve, but that said, it is one of the few ways of achieving a truly passive, long-term income that results in autonomy.

3. Work abroad: Finally, if travel is your main concern, then working as a teacher, aid worker or journalist (to name a few examples) might be the best way to go. You won’t have the same kind of freedom that comes from being location-independent, but working abroad can still be a profoundly interesting and growth-inspiring experience.

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