A New Green House In Santa Monica Goes Up.

On March 29th, there was a feature in the LA Times about a new “green” house that is going up in my neighborhood and I thought I would share. These people are great…they want to be green but they do not want to throw it in people’s faces, which is often the problem with us “environmentalists”.

Check out this house:


Pretty nice, no?

Their house off San Vicente Boulevard has been carefully designed by architect Warren Wagner to optimize solar energy and the use of recycled and renewable materials. Yet the modernist dwelling seems more about the panache of architectural possibilities than the virtuousness of green design…..A closer look, however, reveals that the house is sustainable down to its foundation. A two-story opening in the center acts as a thermal chimney, pulling the hot air out of the house while drawing in cool air, all through an automated skylight. The walls are insulated with recycled denim, made from the remnants from a blue-jeans factory. Twelve photovoltaic panels supply 85% of the home’s power needs, while 10 solar thermal panels supply the house with hot water and radiant heat for the floors and heat the swimming pool.


The article says that they will have a few tours for people to take a look, and I will be sure to check it out. I have watched this house go up and always thought it was very cool and wondered what was going on inside it. Now I know…its a great house! The only thing I can say bad about it is that it is over 4,000 square feet…and really, no one needs a house that big, do they? We live in a 750 square foot apartment that would be big enough even if we had a child here. So 4,000 to us would feel like a museum!

The interior finishes are part of that demonstration: Amber bamboo flooring has been used to clad the ceiling (it was difficult to apply, because workers had to make the ceiling perfectly flat before installing the flooring upside down) but the material wins compliments from visitors. The interior stairs are made of wood harvested from palms that are too old to bear fruit and would otherwise go to waste.

Be sure to head over to the LA Times website to see more of the pictures and read the whole article. It is really long, but definitely a worthy read. And lastly, I think the homeowner, Bob, says it best….”We prefer to be quiet evangelists.”

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