A Question To The Readers Of The Good Human.


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Hello everyone…I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a quick question and I would really appreciate your opinion on this. Normally I try not to just talk about green “things” like general news stories, products you can buy, etc, without putting my personal take on whatever it is I am talking about. There are plenty of blogs out there that just spew out green news and there is not any personality in the writing. I may not be a great writer, but I try to at least show some humor and insight into whatever I am talking about. That being said…

As a Good Human reader, I would appreciate your opinion. Would you like to see:
A. more general news stories, so I can post more often with just blurbs on different things going on.
B. more long articles with more research involved, but less overall posts. See, this is not my paid gig and thus I can’t devote a ton of time to this site. I do what I can with the resources I have available, but if people were interested in more in-depth articles I could make it happen but just post less often every week.
C. keep things about the same with a balance of a few longer articles, my personal take on being green and politically active, and a few quick news bites each week.

If you could let me know either by leaving a comment or contacting me by email, I would like to get a feeling for what my readers may be looking for as The Good Human grows. This site has really taken off lately and I would like to create more and more content that people would be interested in reading out. If you have a moment, would love to hear from you!

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  1. I love your site just how it is! You keep it simple and to the point! Thank you so much and many blessings to you! Vicki

  2. I like the balance you have shown so far… mix it up.
    I like the one you post wrote about a product that was a waste of money, even though it was ‘green’ – but then I like that stuf.

  3. C! I think it is easy to find green news, but I like to read personal takes on the issues. That being said, I really like the format as it is. I find this blog very useful and interesting.

  4. If I said ‘A’ would you keep writing the longer more insightful stuff, and add the newsier stuff on top? If so, then that’s what I’d vote for. But you should still try to inject your opinion when you post the news. At least give us a soundbite.

    But if the news wourld replace ‘real’ articles, then that’s a bad idea.

    Make sense?

  5. I like option C. I do browse green ews sotes but iI do not stay long. I prefer pesonal expericence with green issues and personal opinion.

  6. As a newbie, I love what you’re doing now. Idea tho – to keep it simple, how about a list of news sites of the week. Not a lot of extra work (?) for you, but a lot of help for the curious new folks.
    But, your efforts are just fine as is.

  7. Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments. I am glad everyone likes the site the way it is now. I will of course continue to try to do more in-depth articles when time permits. I will never replace the entire blog with just the news, as there are already a ton of sites everyone can go to that just regurgitate the news. Thanks for your help!

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