ABC Refuses To Air Repower America Ad From We Can Solve It.

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Did you hear about this? ABC is refusing to air the Repower America ad from We Can Solve It that you might have seen on TV lately. The other networks are doing it but why won’t ABC? Over 100,000 people have contacted ABC to ask them to air the ad, but the We Can Solve It campaign still hasn’t heard back. Can you take a minute to fill out the form to ask them to air the ad? It only took me 5 seconds to do, and here it the ad they want to run:

This is not about politics; this is about getting our leaders to create a clean energy policy to power this country in the future. Tell ABC you want them to run the ad that so many other network have been running!

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  1. Two quick questions for you –

    Is this an ad in the sense that “We Can Solve It” paid for it or are they requesting it to be run as a PSA?

    What reason is ABC giving for refusing to run the ad?

    I just watched it and I can’t tell what the objection would be so I’m wondering if there is more to the story.

    I’m happy to join the hue and cry, I just want to be sure I have all the facts.


  2. I am sure they have something over at their site. I dont work for them, but since all other networks will run the paid ad, I dont know why ABC wont.

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