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TheGoodHuman.com is dedicated to helping create positive change for life on Earth through sharing important, and impactful information about various topics.

We want to explore new studies that may change our way of thinking, uncover the truth behind many products that we are encouraged to buy, investigate the changing face of the planet and our understanding of our place in the Universe.

TheGoodHuman.com wants to enable us all to be the best we can during our time on this planet. To learn as much as we can, so that we can make the right choices. We invite discussion and would love to hear suggestions of areas to research.

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  1. I have found many awesome documentaries on Netflix that talk about the issues with all the Toxins in our Environment & foods. Not sure if you were awear, but they have very informative & opened my eyes up about the foods we eat!
    I’m 47 & I was hospitalized for 5 days to figure out what was wrong with my digestive system. I found out that I’ve got 》》》Ischemic Colitis《《《 Which the doctor who saw me said that he’s only seen 10 cases of people with that & I’m by far the youngest person he’s ever seen. Normally it happens to people who are about 65 years old.

    ☆This is a copy from an on-line article that I just read: on here about polysorbate 80… it has now helped me figure out how I got colitis! Thank you! The doctor couldn’t even figure it out!

    Our daily lives see us exposed to toxins in many forms. We breathe them in thanks to polluted air, we unwittingly apply them to our skin, serve them up disguised in our foods, not to mention inhaling cigarette smoke, even as a by product of someone else’s life choices.

    Our modern lifestyle is largely toxic, so much so that ‘detoxing’ is a term that we are used to seeing.

    Unfortunately allergies and disease are also things we are used to seeing, and medical studies are beginning to make connections between some of these toxins and damage to our bodies.


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