How do you Achieve 10,000 Hours of Personal Growth?

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The idea that it takes 10,000 hours of activity to master a skill – whether it be the ability to play a musical instrument, write poetry, or design buildings – has fairly securely lodged itself in the mainstream. For those interested, on a practical level it roughly equates to 5 years of full time (5 hours per day) of work.

Recently, the world-renowned personal growth expert Steve Pavlina was asked what activities he undertook to get in his 10,000 hours. His write-up (linked to below) made for very interesting, not to mention inspiring, reading. Here are some of the things he mentioned…

Lots of reading: He has read thousands of books throughout his life. Everything from relationships to productivity.

Deep-Dives: These are all-out immersions in a new topic. They involve completely surrounding yourself, for up to thirty days, in the materials and experiences needed to learn a new subject or skill.

Choose personal growth as a lifestyle: For Steve Pavlina, personal growth is more than just a side-activity. It motivates and directs everything he does. There’s an important lesson in this. Many true masters were utterly dedicated to their craft.

Identify and face personal fears: Our fears are one of our biggest limiting factors. Facing irrational worries and anxieties and overcoming them is one of the most important things you can do to carve out a path of true personal growth.

Build Skills: This is similar to the “deep dive” point. Learning new skills to a basic level can add to your main skillset in unexpected ways. Say for example, that you’re a writer. Learning stand-up comedy could give you the ability to imbue your work with humour.

Don’t rank yourself: Comparing yourself to others is a sure way to lose sight of your own unique gifts and talents. Those who are better than you should be admired and learned from, not envied.

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