Acting Green Vs. Buying Green Infographic


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There are many ways you can adopt a green lifestyle; many simple and easy tips to remember. For example, you can take shorter showers or use less air conditioning. But, you can also replace your old appliances for energy efficient ones and not have to change much at all. You can shower for 9 minutes with your regular shower head or stick to your usual 15 minute shower with a low-flow shower head and use the same amount of water. Which do you prefer? Take a closer look.

acting green buying green

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  1. I love the graphic. It’s a good way for people to evaluate some green options in a humorous way. I’ve been thinking about buying a low flow shower head with a valve to shut off the flow while soaping up. A 9 minutes shower seems long.

  2. Even better – do the combination of the 2! It’s stupid to turn all the lights on in the house for 6 hours, when you dont need every room for that long… turn them on only when you need them!

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