All The Natural Products I Use In My Bathroom.


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A boring title, I know…but I have gotten a few emails over the past month or so asking exactly what products I use in the bathroom for washing, shaving, etc…so I figured I would put together a list and answer everyone at the same time. Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I do like to try out new stuff from now and then and probably have tried out what you might have a question about, so you never know.

Shampoo – I started using a Dr. Bronner’s shampoo bar a while back and it works great. Granted, I don’t exactly have long locks of hair, but for my head, it definitely does it’s job.

Soap – I am finishing up a bar of all-natural gylcerin soap I picked up in Taos, but we have started using the liquid soap from Dr. Bronner’s as well. We buy one big bottle and use it throughout the house, including in the shower. Watered down to 3 parts water 1 part soap, it’s perfect.

Shaving – Using the same soap as in the shower, but not watered down. Just a little dab into my hand and it works for my entire face. Plus I get less bumps and damage from my razor now, which is fantastic.

Deodorant – I have used Tom’s of Maine products for a long time now, and their new deodorant with hops works really well. Of course, it’s not an anti-perspirant, but I don’t sweat too much anyway.

Toothpaste – Again, Tom’s of Maine. I don’t use the kind that has fluoride in it though, because of all the reports coming out about how dangerous it is. The kind I use is the Natural Antiplaque plus Whitening Gel Toothpaste in peppermint. Good stuff.

Toothbrush – Both my wife and I use toothbrushes from Recycline. They are called “Preserve” and are available almost everywhere now. They are made from recycled yogurt cups and are recycled into playground sets and the like at the end of their life. The company even provides postage free labels to ship them back when you are done. Very cool.

Face Moisturizer/Aftershave – I think we have all been sold on the idea that we need a separate moisturizer and aftershave product. Well I am on to them! I now use one product for both and it’s from Aubrey Organics. It’s the Green Tea & Ginkgo Moisturizer with SPF 15. Feels great, non-oily, and protects me from this harsh Southern California sun.

Lip Balm – I use a natural hemp product that I bought in Santa Fe New Mexico. I got it at Santa Fe Hemp, which is a great store if you are ever there.

And that’s about it! I feel good knowing that none of the products could potentially do damage to me and the fact that they do a god job keeping me clean. They do, right honey? Right?

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  1. I tried tom’s long lasting apricot deoderant (anti persperants are bad, they keep you from releasing toxins ) and found that there is something in it that makes my skin burn like the dickens, which is too bad because i love the way it smells.

    I’ve been using that crystal rock stuff and my tee shirts don’t smell at the end of the day or anything, but I still worry because you can’t tell if you’ve put the darn stuff on you know? *sigh* I don’t want to be the smelly girl in class.

  2. Thanks Greg, will check Kirks out. Alotta – I can’t smell you from here, so it must be working, right? And Hillary, I know they sell them at Wild Oats, Whole Foods and Trader Joes…do you have any of those around? If not, try online at or at the Recycline store.

  3. I know you said they are available almost everywhere, but I can’t seem to find the “Preserve” products, any suggestions?

    And I also have to mention it is important to use natural cleaning products in the bathroom as well, no on wants harsh chemicals going down the drain. I recommend BabyGanics Tub & Tile. BabyGanics cleaners work great and they are 100% organic. Right now they are on sale at Babies R Us, buy two get one free!

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