How Is Amazon Reducing Its Carbon Footprint?

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The internet is a magical thing, though most of us wouldn’t realize it. We take it for granted that we basically have the sum of human knowledge at our fingertips. With the use of smartphones, any question we have at any moment is answered within moments.

I’ve found myself in a number of strange conversations with friends over the years. The strangest may have been: “can trees walk?” We argued the idea for a while and then, suddenly realizing we all have the answer in our pockets, we pulled out our cell phones and asked Siri. Hoards of information came up immediately that we could read. We discovered that actually, yes, some trees do “walk” (though not how you’re thinking). There have been many other scenarios that I’m sure you may have found yourself in as well; you may have needed to find the definition of a word, you may have needed to figure out how to bake something last minute for guests that are arriving. And then there are the fun things like learning that it turns out you can make yogurt quite easily in your own home. But back to the topic, the internet, with all its knowledge and answers that can answer absolutely anything fits in our back pockets!

This was not available just 30 years ago! Can you believe how quickly things have developed? Approximately 2.5 billion people currently have access to the internet and that number is still growing. But with the internet and companies such as Amazon, comes issues that need to be considered seriously. Let me give you a little run down on some basic terms you have forgotten about since school.

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  1. Wow…Now that’s something interesting. I would love to see more Fortune 500 companies doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint.

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