Americans love their chemicals, so the govt. provides them

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Now here is a heartwarming story from the LA Times today about products that are allowed into this country that are banned in most other countries. From the article:

“Destined for American kitchens, planks of birch and poplar plywood are stacked to the ceiling of a cavernous port warehouse. The wood, which arrived in California via a cargo ship, carries two labels: One proclaims “Made in China,” while the other warns that it contains formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical.

Because formaldehyde wafts off the glues in this plywood, it is illegal to sell in many countries , even the one where it originated, China. But in the United States this wood is legal, and it is routinely crafted into cabinets and furniture.”


“As the European Union and other nations have tightened their environmental standards, mostly in the last two years, manufacturers , here and around the world , are selling goods to American consumers that fail to meet other nations’ stringent laws for toxic chemicals.”

Wow, thats so fantastic! Glad we could take all that gnarly gross wood from everyone else and put it into our homes so our families could breathe in formaldehyde. Maybe we can all get cancer next too! All thanks to the government! Now before anyone leaves a comment about the things we do to ourselves that cause cancer, we are not talking about that here. I am talking about a government that knowingly puts dangerous chemicals in YOUR house, for YOUR children to crawl around on…how does that make you feel?

What is wrong with our government? Anyone? Oh, never mind, I think I know the answer.

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